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The above possession ended in a Britt steal, as he jumped in the passing lanes when the Seminoles tried to swing the ball around the perimeter. All in all, North Carolinas defense held up despite playing essentially five wing players. UNC switched screens on the แฟชั่น ใหม่ ล่าสุด perimeter, a strategy that works well and often stalls out offensive possessions. There are antidotes to switching posting up, for example but Florida State wasnt prepared and didnt have enough time or the wherewithal to exploit it. Finally, lets take a look at the offense. Heres the nightmare when you play five out. Its early in the possession, but the spacing of North Carolinas players is caput. When you play small with four players on the wings, you want them equally spaced out around the three-point line, with the big taking advantage of the extra real estate inside.

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